R|O|D Collect

“I do enjoy working with Kelly, Thushari, the two Matts, and others at your firm. Everyone is very prompt in getting back to me, professional, and gives great advice to my HOA clients.”

R.S., HOA Accountant

“Thank you for your kindness. At this time in my life, I had no idea how bad it would be.”

 C.G., HOA Member

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and its members, we would like to thank you, Thushari and your team at Richardson|Ober|DeNichilo for the outstanding support and execution of assessment collection for the Association.

We are pleased with the progress made resolving old and large debts due the Association. The Board of Directors very much looks forward to continuing the shared success in the future.”

B.M., HOA Board Member

“I am an HOA Consultant who has been using R|O|D Collect for many years to handle delinquent homeowner’s accounts. Their lawyers and legal team are experts in HOA collection law and have been successful in collecting tens of thousands of dollars in delinquent assessments for the HOA’s that I manage. I have been working with Elsy Dysim as my account manager and she has been instrumental in keeping me informed of every step of the process via email and via RO Collect’s status reports, which are updated regularly and easily obtained via their website. I highly recommend using R|O|D Collect for your HOA collection needs because this is their specialty and they are very highly regarded in their field.”

L.L., HOA Manager

“Your fast response and on top of the case are amazing! Of course it’s not a pleasant situation to deal with collection agency, but you make it less painful for me with your responsive courtesy! Cheers!”

P.L., HOA Member

“I want to thank you for the excellent service you and your company have provided me and the associations I manage. Response time is excellent, you are knowledgeable and always take time to explain things. I look forward to working with you for many years to come.”

J.G., HOA Manager

“I have been very happy with the results Richardson|Ober|DeNichilo have been able to get for my Association in regards to delinquent homeowners. I love that the website is updated as forms are recorded or when a homeowner makes contact. It allows me to follow up on Board inquires quickly between meetings.

Elsy Dysim and the Richardson|Ober|DeNichilo team have been prompt in responding to all my inquires and have taken a more proactive approach to giving my Board options to locate owners in order to collect delinquencies. I would definitely recommend Richardson|Ober|DeNichilo to other communities!”

S.W., HOA Manager