After entering escrow to sell a commercial lot in Los Angeles, an out-of-state client first discovered that there was a problem with title. Over 50 years ago, when the client’s parents purchased the combined lot, only one of the two parcels had been correctly included on the recorded deed. Not only did the client believe all this time that both parcels had been purchased, but it was clear that so did the original sellers, as they could no longer be located. R|O attorneys assisted the client in securing an amendment to the escrow terms in order to allow sufficient time to clear title to the second parcel. After filing an action to quiet title and effectuating service on the absent sellers by publication, R|O obtained a Judgment conclusively establishing the client as the owner of the full, combined lot so that the sale may proceed.

Written by Daniel C. Heaton 

Daniel C. Heaton is an Associate Attorney at Richardson|Ober|DeNichilo.