On October 9th, Matt D. Ober, Esq. will join fellow College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL) member, Brian Moreno, Esq. of the Swedelson Gottlieb law firm to present, an HOA Board Seminar titled, “CURRENT HOT LEGAL ISSUES” for Beven & Brock clients. Topics to include: Solar, Elections, Who Is Responsible for Maintenance, Harassment & Bullying, Collections and Amending/Rewriting CC&Rs.


Then, on October 23rd, Kelly G. Richardson, Esq., CCAL will lead Beven & Brock’s clients in a HOA BOARD MEMBER EDUCATION seminar. Education for volunteer HOA board members is essential for success as board members. Due to the ever-increasing complex and changing nature of the laws and regulations that impact common-interest-developments staying on top of these changes greatly increases a board’s member ability to succeed in their role, and operate in confidence.


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