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Providing education to residents living in common interest developments, their boards of directors, and property managers is a passion of ours at Richardson|Ober|DeNichilo. We offer complimentary webinars to help keep you informed on relevant issues. Our online courses also help managers earn the CAM-ICB credit they need to maintain their credentials.

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Save your place for the April 15, 2020 Webinar. How HOAs Avoid (or Take On) Liability, This presentation is a general risk management webinar, addressing the various protections available for California HOA directors, and discussing the ways well-intentioned volunteers can step outside of those protections. We will provide an overview, and will be appropriate for the beginning manager, but also will have more advanced discussion of how to train volunteers to recognize where they are stepping into unsafe territory. The presentation will include a review of state statutes and leading appellate cases on the subject. The topics covered will include: -Why and how the formalities of corporate process are important -The elements of the business judgment rule -How directors step outside of the BJR -Limits of the BJR – From case law -Errors and omissions insurance -Attitudes fostering risk postures/behaviors -How the manager responds to clients who do not follow advice, and do not seek legal counsel One hour of CAM ICB Credit is currently being considered for this presentation.

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A Practical Guide for Responding to Harassment/Discrimination Reports and Disability Accommodation Requests in the HOA

Join us as Kelly G. Richardson, Esq., CCAL provides a practical guide for responding to harassment, discrimination reports and disability accommodation requests in the HOA. California’s new Fair Housing Regulations present many questions and challenges for the manager or owner of property. Topics will include recognizing a Fair Housing issue, How to respond to disability accommodation requests, a resident complains of harassment, dealing with disputes and potentially inappropriate accommodation requests, responding to DFEH inquiries, and how to pursue the interactive process required by the Regulations. The presentation has been approved for one hour of continuing education credit by CAM-ICB.

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Reviewing the New Fair Housing Regulations. How do they affect HOAs and What Do They Say?

California adopted the first Fair Housing regulations of any state in the USA. With an effective date of 1/1/20, the regulations in part follow preexisting (since 9/16) regulations of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) but also go beyond the HUD regulations in many respects. This presentation will provide a comprehensive review of the new regulations and their guidance to homeowner associations and their managers.

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Legislative Update 2019 Badge

Ledislative Update: What’s New? A Review of the “Legislative Blizzard” of 2019

2019 was one of the most active years for legislation affecting California common interest developments in a very long time. At least nine new laws will take effect on January 1, 2020 which will change the way California HOAs operate - not including the landmark Fair Housing Regulations which also take effect at that date. This fast moving presentation will discuss each of these ten new laws, providing not only a quick summary of each but also a practical discussion of how it will affect associations, their boards and managers.

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Amending CC&Rs: The Why, How, When (and What NOT To Do), To Create, Propose, and Pass Amendments

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, normally called CC&Rs are the backbone of the common interest community. They often require amending, due to preferences of the community, changes in the law, or other circumstances.

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Shorter Meetings

Protecting Them (and Yourself) from Exhaustion: Towards Efficient Board Meetings

What is the role of the manager in board meetings? How to properly use committees? What should be included in agendas and minutes? How do you deal with disruptions? What does the law say about electronic communications and teleconferencing? What can a board do to reduce wasted time? How do consent calendars work? How can diversity of thought shorten discussions?

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Member Discipline Patch

The Unpleasant Business of Member Discipline: A Primer

Associations have governing documents, and enforcing those documents is one of the unpleasant realities of community association governance and management. Can managers and boards unintentionally make the process harder, more stressful and hostile?

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Golden Rules Patch

Not All Rules are Golden… The Drafting, Changing, and Enforcement of HOA Rules

Creating, amending and enforcing HOA rules are the bane of the manager (and volunteer director's) existence. Rules can be a great help to a community and build community spirit, or they can create more problems and foster divisiveness and negativity... and even litigation. In this presentation Kelly Richardson will discuss the basic as well as advanced concepts in rule creation, amendment and enforcement.

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